My Lotus is a 2007 Exige S with some slight track-focused mods – baffled fueltank, baffled oiltank, harness bar + harness, sticky tyres. It’s my “daily driver”! I don’t need a car every day, so I use this for all my needs including groceries and going into town.

It’s so raw and pure. I feel completely in control because the car gives complete confidence and communicates exactly what the tires are doing. It’s great on track and it’s fantastic on backroads through the Swiss alps. Secondarily, I love the positive attention it gets. Everyone always gets excited about it, even though Zurich is saturated with fancy sportscars. Both the Lotus driving community as well as the general public are always a great positive experience to deal with, in contrast to when I drove other sports car brands.

I love to drive on the Black Forest backroads – super tight and twisty, 100kph legal limit, incredible scenery.