I have grown up around Lotus, it’s a family love affair with the brand. My Dad owns an Esprit GT3, and the for the past 10 years we have travelled the country to many shows and car meets.

I’ve always wanted an Exige. Last year I bought my Exige, and spent the summer travelling around , and meeting fellow Lotus members, enjoying the friendship and social side of the Lotus drivers club.

My main love is the Wow factor it gives off. Seeing young kids, and even adults waving, smiling and taking photos is an amazing feeling and will never get boring. The other is the driving sensation, that only a Lotus can provide, the raw power and sound is exactly why I wanted an Exige.

Living in South Wales I am blessed to enjoy many amazing roads locally. These include the stunning Mountain roads around the Blwch, and Brecons. I also enjoy driving the car around town centres, it gets a lot of attention, and always good to see yourself in a shop window!