Mount Panorama Bathurst Track Day 2021

My thanks to all at Lotus Cars Australia for a wonderful day at Mount Panorama today. In addition to great weather we had one of the most professionally run and friendly events that I’ve ever experienced.

Add in 2 hours (Bathurst 1000 co-driver territory) at one of the worlds greatest circuits, with the backup of the Lotus Cars Australia on track team, and you guys are making legends.

The Lotus brand is “For The Drivers” and you emphatically lived up to that today.  Thanks. 

Andrew Stevens


Lotus Cars Australia hosted another exclusive track day for owners of Elise, Exige and Evora sports cars at the world famous Mount Panorama Racing Circuit in Bathurst, NSW. Mount Panorama is only open a few times a year to host motorsport events so it is very rare for any driver to be able to get onto this racing circuit and drive at speed. Lotus Cars Australia hosted the day exclusively with a mix of first timers & experienced drivers in road registered or track day cars. We saw 111 entries this year come along and it’s a very fitting number, as this year sees the final production of the Elise nameplate which has the internal designation Type 111.

This track day event saw all drivers enjoy 6 x 20 minute driving sessions (or 2 hours) on the Mount Panorama Racing Circuit, making it some of the longest time available this race track. For perspective, the 2021 round of the Australian Supercars Championship gave drivers 2 hours of racing on the Saturday & Sunday. It meant that all drivers had plenty of time to soak up the intimidating circuit and enjoy arguably what is one of the best track day experiences available in Australia. Nothing can prepare a driver for the difference between watching it on TV or YouTube videos versus being on the track in your own sports car. You instantly feel lack of road width, incredible height changes, road camber, blind crests and amazing flowing corners across the top of the mountain which is all lined with unforgiving concrete.

For many it is simply a driving enthusiast’s bucket list item with the beaming smiles telling the story.

Best of all, rather than being a public day that has 30 to 50 vehicles per session and costing $4,000 or more to enter, this event has strictly controlled groups that are broken up into experience levels and entry costs less than $1,500 for the day. It makes it accessible while also being a relatively safe driving environment to enjoy your vehicle.


Of course for any track day even that we hold, we believe the most important part comes from the community spirit that is built up amongst like minded driving enthusiasts. To help fuel that we hosted the welcome dinner on pit lane at Mount Panorama under the slowly setting sun. What better way to soak up the history of one of the world’s most famous racing circuits that has seen its fair share of drama than in the very strip of tarmac that has decided so many race outcomes. Dinner, music and stories shared by Lee Knappett, CEO Lotus Cars Australia, & Mark O’Connor, Motorsport Manager Lotus Cars Australia, as they recounted their many adventures competing on the famous Mountain over the years.


At Lotus Cars Australia we often get asked about where or how can you use a sports car and really enjoy it, especially these days with so much traffic congestion. We make sure there are a number of driving experiences that people can enjoy all through the year whether they are either social or competitive. An example for this event is that we had owners come from Queensland and Victoria where everything was organised – transport logistics, accomodation, event registration & also making sure the cars were ready for the track.

It means every driver can spend more time enjoying the experience & doing it with other like minded individuals in a comfortable, welcoming environment.