Lotus Philosophy

Lotus is a pioneer
We do not play by the rule book
Instead, we redefine it
When our rivals catch up, we move the bar once more
Lotus never stands still

Throughout the company’s eight decades, it is innovation on road and track that has been key in delivering success. At the root of our DNA is Colin Chapman’s obsession with light weight. 
“Simplify, then add lightness”, he said. 
It was his philosophy, way before ‘minimalism’ became fashionable.

“Adding power makes you faster on the straights; subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere”, was another of Chapman’s premises.

By tradition, Lotus uses the least number of parts in its products. Yet, they are impeccably engineered, retain their lightness and work dependably. Our expertise in lightweight architecture has made us a leader in environmentally friendly vehicle technology. It is crucial for all of us but we have never lost our performance advantage and sheer driving pleasure.

We employ a team of top talent, many of whom are driver-engineers. We still engage the occasional Grand Prix hero, in order to hone our sportscars and ensure that they are fun to drive, even within posted speed restrictions. However, divert to the test track and we can out-gun our rivals comprehensively.

We do not need to have supported James Bond 007, as every Lotus comes standard with a licence to thrill. It is our uncompromising quest for automotive excellence, allied to a visionary attendance to style, that has made Lotus one of the most inspirational of British brands.

Lotus enjoys world renown that represents intense passion, tremendous individuality, a sense of fun and gritty determination. Yet, we have never lost sight of our primary aim of achieving the ultimate lightness, embodied sturdily, with a well-defined performance edge.

Even today, our now famous “lightweight laboratory” is at the heart of our business, redefining “lightweight” every day – using fewer, stronger components, utilising the latest generation composite materials and constantly striving – not just in thought, but in practice, to deliver the Lotus lightweight philosophy.