We live and breathe Lotus at Thierry Verhiest Lotus Oostende.  We even support and compete in Lotus Cup Europe!

We have been an Official Lotus Dealer since the turn of the millenium, and we’ve grown our family to include Lotus owners from all over Europe.

Whatever you need for your Lotus, we can find it for you.  If you need a Service, our Lotus trained Technicians will treat your Lotus as if it were their own.  If you just need some advice and a chat, the kettle is never cold.  If you are yet to experience Pure Driving for yourself, then you should give us the honour of introducing you to the “Light is Right” way of doing things, and come and join us for a drive.

You’ll rarely find a group of people so passionate about their work, with such a wealth of knowledge and experience to call upon.

We look forward to seeing you soon!