My sister had an S1 Elise which began my interest as a 12 year old boy. I then bought a new exige 350 in 2017 which I just fell in love with. How compliant it was on the road and then how amazing it was on track just baffled me. How could it be this good in both environments?

After 3 years and 12k miles (and numerous track days) I sold it to buy a new Exige Cup 430 which will be a keeper. In every way this car amazes me, it’s ride, sound and looks are just perfect.

Having had a number of cars from rivals it’s lovely to be in a car that garners such positive attention! Even white van men let me out at junctions! To me nothing compares to the total package you get from a lotus, the feel of the car coupled with the capability makes it almost unrivalled.