This lotus is built as a track weapon but can be dually used as a daily if needed. My favorite part of the lotus has got to be the Motorsport JRZ. They are incredibly plush on normal roads and take berms like a champ at the track. There is a K20 already in the works and should be done in a couple months. She was primarily built by my hood buddy Jon Vo over at trackspec. I actually got this Lotus already beautifully built by way of trade through my buddy Luu. I had a BAR’d F22 swap AE86 and we both mutually agree’d that we liked the others car more and that’s how the trade went down. I initially fell in love with the platform after driving Jon’s track K24 Exige through the paddocks. Within one week, I was able to procure the trade because I loved the chassis so much.

I love… Just the pure rawness of the car. There’s nothing on the market quite like it. Just tracking it is amazing too, wearable items are extremely cheap and last forever. We can triple duty the car at a track day and it just keeps asking for more. I’ve never owned such a solid well rounded car on track.