My little 2003 Ardent Red Elise is a great way into the Lotus brand. It has very usable performance on the road, that lets you enjoy yourself without getting into any trouble. It is also very capable on the track, and more affordable to run than you would think. It has quite low miles for a car of it’s age, I hope to add many more to it. I am very lucky to have some fantastic Welsh roads on my door step to enjoy the Elise on. Although it has been a short ownership so far, I managed to enjoy a run up Prescott hill climb in the summer, and meeting other owners and their cars.

I love the way a Lotus makes you feel connected to the road. The driver engagement is unlike anything else out there. The heritage, the lack of weight, good looks, and a sublime chassis makes a Lotus one of the most enjoyable parts of ownership. It always turns a head no matter where you go, and people always want to talk to you about the brand. Which brings me onto another point, the community. No other car brand has a community quite as welcoming, and helpful as Lotus.

My favourite driving road is a Welsh route from Elan Valley, via Cwmystwyth and Devil’s Bridge, and along to Aberystwyth. It has very scenic views of mountains and Reservoirs, smooth tarmac and winding roads.