Despite my young age (23), my passion for cars has always been deep. One year ago I have been able to make one of my dreams come true. I bought my first Lotus, an 1998 Elise S1!
After months and months of research and many sacrifices… I travelled 1250 Km to the north of Austria to pick up my Elise…. the car was perfect! The previous owner was a wonderful person, he always kept it with great care and love. That was one of the best days of my life!
Now it’s mine and I enjoy driving it on some of the most beautiful roads in the world that are in Italy.

This is my Lotus – called S1lverElise.

I love the purity and driving experience that only a light car like a Lotus can give you. I love Colin Chapman’s philosophy… Simplify and add lightness! I think it is one of the best thoughts for a real petrolhead. Secondly but not least I love the lotus Community, we are really a great family. The events and meetings are unique, you can breathe a true passion above all.

I can confirm the theory: If you drive a Lotus once.. you will never go back. Thanks Lotus for creating an object that can convey so many emotions.

Luckily my favorite roads are in my country, Italy. In particular I love the Dolomites but by far my favorite road is Passo dello Stelvio. I had the pleasure of doing it this year on the 25th Elise Anniversary where I had the opportunity to meet Elisa Artioli for the first time. Truly spectacular event and really well organized despite the bad period of Covid19.
But I will not want to stop only in my country, I dream of traveling the most beautiful routes in the world with my Elise