I bought my Lotus Elise in Birmingham back in 2010. It’s a Lightning Yellow 2002 Elise so one of the lightest produced with the long tail roof.

I started to drive on racetracks with this car and years after years, I optimized it for my usage until I’ve got the perfect tool, even lighter and offering an unbelievable driving pleasure.

I have owned many sport cars before my Lotus but it’s the only car I never replaced and I don’t want to!

Firstly the feeling, the reactivity of the car is just incredible. The sensation when you are right on the grip limit, when you feel the rear axle moving slightly… And when you see your laptime, it’s usually better than what can be done by lot more powerful cars!

Secondly, for the Lotus community of owners, plenty of life and events. I love to drive my Elise but I also enjoy to share with the community. I launched a blog dedicated to the brand Lotus and I share on it my track days debriefing, the evolution of my car but also Lotus news and historical articles.

It’s a pleasure to discuss with owners or enthusiasts through out the world. Not many brands can offer that!

I mainly drive my Lotus on the race track. It’s the perfect tool on technical circuits but it’s also great for curvy roads. Driving fast on track and slower on roads at sunset is a real pleasure.