After owning other sports cars, I was left lusting for a pure drivers car. The Lotus Exige was an obvious candidate, and I was thrilled to find one of the late production 360 Cups (with the open gear shifter) at a dealer close to my home town. Even before driving a single metre, I was confident that this was the car for me.

I absolutely love the undiluted and authentic, slightly raw driving experience. It offers just about everything which has been lost over the past 15 years when looking at the more mainstream sports car manufacturers.

Light weight, incredible steering feel, quick throttle response, manual gear change, short gearing, exciting sounds, and so on. Driving this car is an experience, every single time. In my opinion this is what sports car ownership is all about.

As the Nürburgring Nordschleife is technically a public toll road, it has to be my favourite driving location, but in general, my favorite road depends a lot on the vehicle I am driving. In my Lotus I particularly enjoy flowing roads where one curve follows the other, while being able to maintain a decent amount of speed.