For me, my metallic orange Exige represents so much more than just a piece of hand made ‘garage jewellery’, it presents the pinnacle of a journey that has seen my passion for the marque grow over the years. Although pampered to excess at times, she has taken me and my partner on many journeys across the UK. A car like this works just as well in motion as she does parked in a supermarket carpark surround by grey ‘Euro Boxes’.

I will never forget my first test drive of an S2 Elise 111S. I had never driven a car that gave so much feedback. It wasn’t just the steering you could feel the road with almost every fibre of you body. When you dove over the cats eyes (road studs in the middle of the road) you could almost sense the raised date stamps on each one, the feedback was that detailed. With the Exige the sensation is turned up to 11 (on a scale of 1 to 10) because of the bucket loads of mechanical grip and the whine of the supercharge. I have never experienced a driving sensation as detailed and pure.

My favourite driving road? I live in Hampshire in the UK and there are some great country roads through the Wessex Downs that few people know about.