I was into sports cars my whole life. I tried different brands during the last years always looking for the perfect one. However, after driving my boyfriend’s Lotus for the first time, I knew right away this is what I want. I soon bought my own Lotus, a yellow series 3 Elise with the exposed shifter linkage. For now it’s completely stock but I already placed an order for bucket seats and a harness because I plan to take it to the track next year!

What I love most about my Lotus is the fact that it is such an uncompromising sports car experience. There are no distractions in the car to potentially interrupt the pure driving experience. I also love the functional yet at the same time beautiful interior of the series 3. Especially the hypercar-worthy shifter brings a smile to my face every time I put the car in gear.

I am really enjoying all the narrow roads in the Black Forest, especially when accompanied by other Lotus drivers. In Switzerland, Susten, Grimsel and Furka are some of my favorite Alpine mountain passes.