About the shop- I started working on Lotus cars in 2010 as a technician at an independent Lotus shop. In 2014, I opened Trackspec Autosports, to help service the local track community and we quickly became Lotus specialists. Our focus ranges from setting up and maintaining track day cars to building full on race cars. Although we still work on a few other makes and models, the Lotus community has become one of our favourites because they all have one thing in common- They all love to drive!

I serviced my Exige S 240 for a few years before buying it. The owner had it towed to Trackspec for repair after a track accident, but ended up selling it to me as-is. I rebuilt it with intentions of keeping it a street car, but that quickly changed. It now has a full roll cage, suspension and engine upgrades, and is used only for tracks days and racing. It has been a great way for us to showcase our abilities as a shop.

I love how engaging the car is to drive and how much feedback there is through the chassis. There is no other car like it!

Since my Lotus has become a dedicated track car, I’m not able to drive it on local roads, but Sonoma Raceway, Laguna Seca, Thunderhill, and Buttonwillow have become my favorite race tracks.