I am super excited to be back in a Lotus, after a small break of about 20 years !

My first Lotus was back in 1998. An azure blue Elise which was my everyday car for two and a half years and 45,000 happy and often sideways miles. One of the unique things about a Lotus, one of many, is the way that it makes you feel. Like your nervous system is plugged directly into the car. I can still feel everything about that car. 

Happily we had a baby, and sadly the car had to go.

Fast Forward 20 years and I bagged myself an Exige Roadster. That same sense of connectedness to every fibre of the car, now mated to an astonishing V6 engine. I’ve only owned the car since April, but have already covered over 3,000 miles, including a trip around France. In fact any excuse to use it. Commuting to work, a pleasure drive with my wife, collecting daughters returning from University, anything. Often the most fun trips are the mundane visits to supermarkets or the 20 mile round trip to collect a takeaway on a summers evening at the end of a busy week. The way the car reacts instantly combined with the driving position makes it thrilling and constantly pure joy to be in.

I also love the look of the Roadster – something uncluttered and simple about it, makes it look sophisticated. And yet it is so purposeful when on the road and amongst more normal cars. Most people seem to love a Lotus, it gets waves and squeals  from small children. Many motorists let you out at junctions and wave at you and give you a thumbs up. And most people on dual carriage ways and motor ways get out of the way and let me pass, which is so kind of them. Except, it seems from my extensive research, on the by pass near Kettering. What I wonder, did Lotus do to upset the people of Kettering? Answers on a postcard…..