To be honest: I was not that “fan” wanting a lotus since all his life; I became a lotus driver by accident. Switching from bike first to an Exige 350 incl. getting these first “woooohooooooo” experiences forced me to go further for the Exige 410 two and a half years ago. Now I need to say: it’s hard to imagine not driving a lotus for the rest of my life.

I love… its simplicity and its purity! This car just has everything you need to get the most fun out of it. You can feel your ride each and every second you use it, but you need to get it where it unfolds its complete power: passes and curves. This car attracts all kind of people wherever you take it and it is seen. This car is conjuring up a smile in your face every time you ride it!

Favourite roads? I was impressed a lot by the French alps we did as a small group in 2019, especially Col de l’Iséran and Col du Galibier. But for sure there are also lots of roads and passes if you are lucky enough to just live a few miles away from them. Great ride is Namlostal (AUT) Hahntennjoch, Penser Joch and for sure Stelvio which is one of the “must” targets every year.