The Exige Cup 380 is a very special model in my eyes and it is a limited-edition. It’s my dream sports car. There are a lot of nice carbon parts, including the side sills. And the most important: low weight, impressive acceleration, compact size … just made for the Swiss Alpine passes.

It’s my dream sports car.

The fascination I felt when I first saw my shiny white metallic 380 Cup in the showroom has never left me. This is my Lotus, I thought! So the decision was made to purchase this model with the beautiful red wheels. Since then each ride brings a smile to my face! I’ve owned it for two years (Before, I drove an Exige S and an Exige 380)

The best handling characteristics, without compromises

Drivers choose a Lotus because they want to drive a sport car with the best handling characteristics, without compromises, flat in design and without unnecessary things in the car.

What do I love most about driving a Lotus? The pure driving! The incredible cornering speed! The feeling to be one with the street, whether riding at reduced speed or high speed! This sports car is simply ingenious!

My favourite driving roads are the Swiss Alpine passes, such as Susten, Furka and Grimsel and the Jura mountains.