This is an un-modified Esprit GT3. It has had only routine maintenance with only wheel refurbishment carried out. I have owned the car for eleven years and loved everything about it. Having done 55,000 miles the car has aged well. Being a red car it is often confused with a Ferrari but given the choice I would still pick red. When waxed the shine is deep and looks awesome.

The car looks stunning and I often get told that it must have been restored. It hasn’t. I love driving it for the handling and the looks of admiration I get from others. The car is comfortable and easy to drive. It is not so powerful as some but when driven well it can put most to shame. As a bonus there is enough luggage space for two cases, so a week away is easy to do.

I’ve not yet found my favourite driving road, every road has highs and lows. Brecon Beacons in Wales is good and so are many of the South Wales coast roads. When I’ve driven them all, I will be able to answer which is the best driving route.