Elise 1.8S

£33,995.00 • Pewter Grey • Manual • 4,648 miles • 2015 • RHD

LOTUS ELISE 1.8 S, (2015 / 15 PLATE)



•Signature Paint
•Air Conditioning
•Removable Hard Top
•Touring Package including Leather Seats
•Padded Leather Door Panels
•Leather Trimmed Centre Console
•Black Leather Handbrake Gaiter
•Black Carpet Mats with Embroidered Elise Logo
•Noise Insulation Panelling
•Auxiliary Driving Lights
•Cruise Control and Sport black wheels and CD Radio

Responding to a demand for more power and torque, Lotus took its super-lightweight Elise, added 200cc to the engine, along with an Eaton supercharger to turn ‘bristling’ into ‘blistering’ performance. Of course, a vibrant performance envelope is helped immeasurably by the weight conscious nature of the Elise. The Elise S is the result. Despite a dramatic power increase, the overall kerb weight of the Elise S increases by only 105lbs (48kgs) over the stock Elise. As a result, its power to weight ratio is a significant 235bhp/tonne (238PS/1,000kg). The result is soul-stirring performance to keep you ahead of the crowd; driving purity.
A modest increase in engine capacity to 1.8-litres, its induction supplemented by an Eaton supercharger, means that the power takes an upwards hike to an outstanding 217bhp (220PS). Select the first of the Elise S, six, close-ratio gears and the forwards delivery is guaranteed to startle. Its 217 BHP enables a V-max of 145mph (234kph), yet its Combined fuel economy is given as 37.5mpg (7.5l/100km) and CO2 emissions are only 175g/km. Lotus proves that sports car ownership can remain affordable.
•Max power 217 BHP at 6800 rpm (220 PS) (162 kW)
•Max torque 184 lb/ft at 4600 rpm (250 Nm)
•0-60 mph 4.2 seconds 0-100 km/h 4.6 seconds
•Max speed 145 mph (234 km/h)
•Power to weight ratio 235 hp/tonne (238 PS/1000kg)

This example has a full-service history, and will be sold with a fresh 12-month MOT and the balance of the manufacturer’s warranty.