Exige 380 Cup

£83,000.00 • Any • Manual • 2017 • RHD

Lotus exige cup 380, sold out but we have a slot available! Call us today to take place your order!

•Fuel-injected and supercharged
•3.5-litre V6 engine develops 375bhp (380PS)
•Delivers 302lbs ft (410Nm) of torque
•Mid-engine provides balance
•Lotus-developed Dynamic Performance Management control
•Electronic Differential Lock (EDL)
•Exhilarating acceleration

•Manual 6-speed
•Exposed gearshift
•Close ratios
•Light shift weight
•Precise changes
•Balanced clutch weight

•Head-turning presence
•Compact packaging
•Styled for zero-lift
•Maximum down force
•Advanced aerodynamics package
•Targeted efficiency
•Motorsport derived

•Alcantara® trimmed carbon fibre sports seats with contrast stitching
•Steering wheel trimmed in Alcantara®
•Engine Start Button
•Centre console with exposed gearshift
•Rear parking sensor

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