Through seven decades of boundary-pushing heritage, Lotus has inspired and united generations of passionate drivers. As we look to the future, Lotus continues to set new standards in automotive excellence.

Our journey is just beginning.


Lotus was founded by Colin & Hazel Chapman in 1948, in London, UK. A maverick engineer and era-defining mind, Chapman believed in the power of simplicity, subtracting the redundant and investing in the essential. Over the years, Lotus has remained true to its founder’s spirit, with countless racetrack victories and engineering breakthroughs to its name.
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Greatness was never achieved by settling for the status quo. Lotus has remained committed to the pursuit of true innovation, introducing cutting-edge technologies and developing advanced materials to meet its uncompromising vision of how a car should look, perform, and feel.

‘Adding power makes you faster on the straights, subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere.’

Colin Chapman
That restless ingenuity is at the core of every car that bears the Lotus badge. And it leads the vital shift to electric drive technology, pioneering a new era of sustainable performance.

It is easy to add more power. But making a car drive like a true Lotus takes passion and courage. It cannot be measured, but it can be felt. Every time you get behind the wheel.