High-octane thrills combine with everyday comfort and functionality. The Emira has twin central cup holders, a phone storage slot, and deep door bins.

There's plenty of room to stash small items in the glovebox, trinket tray, armrest compartment, and console net. Larger items can be placed securely behind the seats or in the boot behind the engine, which fits a standard flight case or set of golf clubs.



Packed with the latest technology demanded by the discerning driver. Access to the car's infotainment system is via a 10.25-inch centrally mounted touch-screen, with an additional 12.3-inch TFT driver'sdisplay behind the steering wheel.

All content is exclusive to Lotus has been designed and developed by an in-house team. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are integrated as standard



First Edition will be fitted with a KEF premium branded 10 channel audio system which includes three KEF Uni-Q speakers and a fresh air subwoofer.

The collaboration and fitment of KEF audio into an OEM automotive application is a first for the brand.Featuring KEF's signature Uni-Q system, a unique driver technology which combines an innovative miniaturised tweeter with the mid-range driver, so they occupy the same acoustic centre. With careful engineering and some patented technology, it results in a single speaker unit that covers the entire mid-range and high-frequency audio spectrum.



Tour is tuned for everyday road use, delivering the optimum blend of Lotus dynamic performance and handling with a more comfortable ride.

Sports is available with the optional Lotus Drivers Pack and provides a slightly stiffer suspension set-up for enhanced dynamic capability and feel. Lotus Engineering departments have worked with bath Michelin and Goodyear to develop 2 new tyre concepts that are larger than those of Evora and bespoke for the Lotus Emira. Goodyear tyres enhance all weather usability and ride quality without compromising driving feedback whilst the Michelin tyres achieve extreme track performance without compromising comfort.


Emira is equipped with full LED exterior lighting as standard.

Full LED lighting achieves an incredibly bright crystal white light (75,000 Candelas) that provides excelient visibility, particularly in wet and gloomy conditions or driving at night, while using much less energy than halogen or xenon HID bulbs, which is great for the environment as well as extending the lifetime of your battery. The rear LED taillights are formed in an elongated circular shape that accentuates the vehicles design at the rear and includes a third high level rear brake light centrally mounted in the rear wing.



Developed for optimal performance, Emira utilises clever aerodynamic packaging as standard.

the flat chassis floor, motorsport style front splitter, four element rear diffuser and integrated rear wing work in conjunction with the aerodynamic body. this allows for a fluid air flow that will produce a high level of balanced downforce bestowing emira with enhanced high speed stability and cormering power