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Découvrez une ingénierie innovante et une technologie de pointe grâce à des mises à jour régulières par e-mail, et soyez parmi les premiers à tester les véhicules Lotus.
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* These are 'as from' prices. Lotus Cars Europe reserves the right to make adjustments based on certain factors beyond our control, but not limited to, homologation data, availability of materials, delivery costs, inflation and any local taxes. Images shown do not reflect the stated entry level prices, but images refer to top level prices


The Lotus Eletre does not yet have a European type approval. The images used on this page are of a vehicle used for promotional purposes only. The images are therefore indicative and no rights can be derived from them. The images show optional equipment. The range may deviate after the vehicle has obtained European type approval.

* Target Figures - The vehicle specifications detailed on this page are target specifications based on simulations. WLTP results and CO2 emissions results to follow later. Some of the model features, optional extras and colours shown may not be available, or may only be available in a different specification. The range has been determined using the WLTP measurement method. The range to be achieved in practice may differ due to driving style, speed, load factor, outside temperature and topographical conditions. The charging time to be achieved in practice can vary as a result of external circumstances such as the type of charger, the condition of the battery and the temperature.