With a ride as engaging as this, you will probably never want to stop. To keep on driving, to enjoy every twist and turn that your journey offers. But to keep you at the pinnacle of driving performance, you need a meticulously tailored and genuine pit stop. With Lotus Fixed Price Servicing, you can count on more than just a great price. We will only use ‘Genuine Lotus Parts’ with a 2 year guarantee and get our very best crew – all highly trained at Lotus Factory – to ensure the very best ride when you get back out there.

We want to ensure you continue to love your Lotus during the whole time you own it, which is why we are making available the best service and maintenance package possible.

Our Lotus Engineers have re-imagined every aspect of the Lotus Cars service schedule, without reducing the content of each service or the quality of the parts and lubricants used we have been able to significantly reduce the lifetime cost of the necessary services.

And now for the first time we are able to offer a national price for your Lotus Service, regardless of which Lotus retail partner you choose.

A sample of service prices. Contact your Lotus Centre for prices for your model

1st year
9,000 mls
2nd year
18,000 mls
3rd year
27,000 mls
4th year
36,000 mls
5th year
45,000 mls
Elise K Series S1£270£390£430£760£270
Elise 2 ZR Supercharged + AC£280£460£330£660£280
Exige 350 V6£280£430£280£950£280
Evora 410 GT Manual£280£460£280£950£280

Prices include VAT

By having your Lotus serviced at one of our retail partners you will also benefit from the following:

  • Only Genuine Lotus Parts used
  • Two years warranty on all parts fitted
  • Lotus approved lubricants and oil to original specification
  • Guarantee on workmanship
  • A signed certificate from Lotus Cars head office in Hethel confirming the genuine service