Carved by air

The all-new and all-electric Lotus Eletre is a striking and progressive Hyper SUV. It takes the core principles and Lotus DNA from more than 70 years of sports car design and engineering, evolving them into a desirable all-new lifestyle car. Eletre has an elegant and exotic look with active aerodynamics and a dramatic porous design. The use of pioneering sustainable materials gives a new level of premium for every journey.

Active Aerodynamics

Embracing DNA inherited from the Evija and Emira, vents and ducts channel air through and over the Eletre’s bodywork. Responsive shutters and spoilers adjust position to boost range, speed, and handling.

Redefines Automotive Innovation

Stunning performance, everyday

A true Lotus experience. Optimal structural rigidity and active dynamics, combined with a perfect blend of high power and torque, provide the kind of performance that is expected from a Lotus. With powerful electric motors and a low centre of gravity, this new icon makes ordinary driving, extra.

Cutting-edge intelligence

The world’s first deployable LiDAR system and advanced autonomous driving capabilities make this the most technically advanced Lotus, ever. Eletre is the first global SUV with 800V architecture, providing exceptional range and charging options, meaning less time plugged in and more time driving.
The deployable sensors are hidden when not required, ensuring the car’s striking design shines through and only emerging from the top of the windscreen, the top of the rear glass, and from the front wheel arches as required.
Add in a dynamic walk-up sequence, advanced interface and heads-up display, Eletre makes the everyday special.

Rebellious, daring and dramatic

Available 2023

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Coming to life