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Never worry about finding an available charger. The Lotus App can find charging locations near your choice of destination, and clearly show costs & availability. Using Lotus' in-vehicle navigation system, you can plot a route to the nearest charger, just by sending your destination from the App to your Lotus.

App available for download in June 2023
You can see the charging status of your Lotus Eletre at any time from the Lotus App. Useful if you have left your car charging in a parking space, or go to get a coffee while topping up at a fast charger.

When time is of the essence, connect to a 350 kW DC fast charger and add 400 km of range in just 20 minutes.*

Integrated thermal management regulates the battery temperature while charging, allowing high-speed energy transfer for longer durations.
The integrated 22 kW onboard charger is ideal for easily topping up your Lotus at home or at the office.
The Eletre uses both Type 2 and CCS 2 connections – Type 2 is an AC connection suitable for home and public use, and CCS 2 is optimised for high-speed DC chargers across the EU and UK.
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