Gender Pay Gap Statement

At Lotus Cars Limited we are committed to having a diverse workforce with the right person carrying out the role, no matter their gender/race. In comparison to our 2017 data we have seen a significant positive change in our Mean and Median averages, this is the result of recruitment activities within our core overhead functions.

Employee Gender Mix


Pay difference between women & men employed by Lotus Cars Limited

Figure in brackets were reported in 2017.

Mean AverageMedian Average
Gender Pay Gap7.52% (17.7%)-1.42% (8.6%)

Pay quartiles

Lower QuartileLower Middle QuartileUpper Middle Quartile Upper Quartile

Bonus pay gap

Despite the impact of COVID we were still able pay a bonus in relation to performance in 2020.

YearMean BonusMedian Bonus

In 2020, 89.02% of male employees received a bonus and 86.21% of female employees received a bonus payment. The bonus payment is assessed for the period January – December. New joiners in the period October 2020 – March 2021 were not eligible for a bonus payment.

Not eligible to receive bonusReceived bonus

We confirm the data reported is accurate

MATT WINDLE | Managing Director

KEN BROCKIE | HR Operations Director